Bringing the best crops to the customers' doorstep



NABS involves directly in the farming process by creating direct tie–ups with individual farmers and farming communities. We immensely support our partner farmers by providing quality agricultural inputs like tool kits, technical agricultural training, on time market information, superior quality seeds, chemical and organic fertilizers etc. We also take extensive care to gratify their diverse agricultural needs like land leasing, accessing inputs, resource pooling, information sharing, agro processing and marketing.  


and Processing

NABS’ prime concerns are freshness, taste and benefits to health. All our freshly-picked agri produces reach the market directly from the farm with an assurance of minimum handling, ideal stock keeping. Extreme care is given in sorting and grading of the products to ensure premium quality. And most importantly NABS takes great effort to ensure quality, hygiene, minimal usage of pesticides and timely delivery.


Sales and Marketing

NABS marketing wing is fully equipped to penetrate the entire market covering retail, wholesale outlets, mobile units and exporting. The logistics network of dedicated professionals help us to make the 'natural freshness and flavour' of vegetables and fruits to reach the customers within 24 hours of harvest. At every stage - buying, storage, loading and dispatch - a high standard of quality control is maintained.